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The Doctors on Laser Toenail Fungus Removal

In this episode of the American TV show ‘The Doctors’, the medical team discuss the innovative solution to fungal nail infections – laser.

Unlike athlete’s foot, which is defined as a fungal infection of the skin and is relatively easy and quick to treat, onychomycosis, which is the medical term for a fungal nail infection is significantly more difficult.

We thought we’d share this episode with you because one of the Doctors on the show treated his own fungal nail infection using laser therapy. The Doctors show a great illustration of how the infected nail then grows out to leave you with healthy, clear looking nails.

They also touch on a very important discussion we have with each of our patients here at Cold Laser Nail Clinic – preventing future reinfection. Just like we recommend to all of our patients, using an antifungal spray, applying an antifungal cream, wearing jandals in communal changing rooms and showers (like at the gym or at the pools) is a great preventative measure to reduce the risk of reinfection in the future.

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