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Cold Laser Treatment

Our Lunula cold laser works by using two safe and effective laser beams simultaneously to:


Destroy the fungus and its spores


Improve your immune response


Increase circulation

This stimulates blood flow, delivers nutrients back to your nails for healthy tissue growth, and helps protect against future fungal infections.

Unlike hot laser, we use cold laser beams so you experience no pain, no discomfort and there is no risk of burns.

View the Science Behind Cold Laser

While fungal nail infections are a cosmetic and embarrassing issue for some, others experience discomfort, difficulty in wearing footwear and walking, and a generally lowered self-esteem because of the problem. Importantly, fungal infections can cause breaks in the skin surrounding the nails, meaning bacteria can enter. These infections in those with diabetes can lead to the development of foot ulcers, osteomyelitis, cellulitis and gangrene – which are all very serious and even limb-threatening.

The Superior Antifungal Treatment

Cold Laser is clinically proven to be the safest and most reliable option available for the treatment of nail fungus when compared to traditional treatment options. The Lunula cold laser has excelled in its clinical trials and is FDA approved.


TOPICAL TREATMENTS – up to 8.5% success rate

Topical treatments including lacquers, creams, paints and sprays available from pharmacies cannot penetrate below the surface of the nail, leaving patients frustrated from using costly creams repeatedly with a very low chance for success – between 5.5% and 8.5%*


ORAL TREATMENTS – up to 55%*success rate

Oral medications (tablets) are unsuitable for many patients and carry with them a risk for serious adverse effects. The research indicates that for patients taking oral antifungals, the resolution rate ranges from 14% to 55%*.



Hot laser carries a significantly higher risk of burns, discomfort and pain. The treatment is vulnerable to user error, with the practitioner needing to ensure every millimetre of nail is covered without burning the nail or surrounding skin. This impacts both efficacy and the chance of adverse effects.


COLD LASER – up to 97% success rate

Lunula cold laser has no side effects, no pain, is safe, simple, and effective. It has clinically proven success rates of between 83% and 97% after 4 treatments. We improve this by providing everything you need to reduce the risk of reinfection at home, including being just a phone call away from our highly-skilled team that specialises in the cold laser treatment of fungal nails.

* references available on request, please also refer to the clinical study results table here.

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