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Testing for Fungal Nail Infections

Before any treatment with the cold laser is started for any of our patients, we begin with a quick yet effective lab test to confirm the diagnosis of a fungal nail infection. This is because a staggering ~50% of patients that present to our clinic with a discoloured and fungal-looking toenail do not suffer from fungal infections, but other conditions that share a similar appearance. This is why it’s important to us to know that we can help you before exhausting time and money without getting the results you want!

The Diafactory in-house lab test is easy, simple, completed in five minutes, and is 99% accurate in confirming fungal nail infections. The process involves:

  • Applying a buffer solution into a pipette
  • We take your nail sample and place it into the buffer solution
  • Mix it thoroughly
  • Insert the fungal test strip into the buffer/sample solution
  • Wait for the pink/purple lines to form, indicating that the nail does have a fungal nail infection and that we can start treatment with confidence!
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