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Lunula Laser on ITV1

On ITV1, one of the largest commercial television channels in the United Kingdom, Dr. Chris introduces the Lunula Laser as an innovative and effective solution in treating stubborn fungal nail infections.

Dr. Chris talks about how fungus is so easily spread because when our feet are enclosed in shoes all day, they create the perfect environment for fungus to thrive – a place that is dark, warm and damp. Fungal nail infections make the nails appear discoloured (yellow/white appearance), grooved, and the nail may even start to come away from the nail bed.

He shares the difficulty in treating fungal nail infections with products like creams, tablets and other antifungals because of the need for them to be able to completely penetrate the nail.

Podiatrists, Martine and Becky, introduce Lunula Cold Laser – the very same laser that we use here at cold laser nail clinic, and explain how the laser uses photochemistry to use the body’s own cells to effectively clear the fungal infection.

The team then demonstrate the Lunula laser in action, explaining the antimicrobial and circulatory actions of each laser beam respectively, as well as the simple application of just 12 minutes per foot for four weeks, depending on the severity of the infection.

We’re able to see how the two laser beams work in rotation around the nail as the foot is inserted into the cold laser machine – and how simple and pain-free it is! The team also show a before/after photo, showing an infected toenail before treatment and 3 months after. Because a big toenail takes time to completely grow out, this is a ‘progress’ photo more than an ‘after’.

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