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Cold Laser Therapy for Fungal Nails

Cold laser therapy is a relatively new and successful treatment for fungal nail infections that has gained popularity through its use in the United Kingdom and Australia over the last five years. Here at Cold Laser Nail Clinic, we’re proud to have been the first clinic to make this solution available in New Zealand.

Cold Laser simultaneously uses two different lasers at varying light spectrums (405nm and 635nm, respectively) to complete its antifungal action. The first laser destroys the cell wall of the fungal cells, and the second stimulates blood flow to the area, boosting the body’s own immune response to clear the damaged cells and rid the body of the infection.

The steps of the procedure are simple:

  1. The treatment starts with the identification and diagnosis of the nail fungus by a podiatrist, a step that can be done in less than 5 minutes using an in-house fungal lab test.
  2. The nail is then ‘prepared’ – this is achieved by thinning the nail (where thickened from the effects of the infection) and trimming the nail back as much as possible to assist the body in eradicating the infection. Photos of the feet are taken
  3. The laser is applied to each foot for 12 minutes per foot. The laser application is repeated weekly for four continuous weeks. Depending on the severity of the infection, additional treatments may be required – this will be assessed at the 4th week of treatment
  4. Photography is taken at four weeks, and every few months to monitor progress of the nail infection
  5. The nail grows out to be healthy, clear and free of fungus!

We love cold laser because it’s safe, effective, pain-free and the best solution for fungal nail infections that we’ve seen in 20 years of clinical practice.

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